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Setup from the Web application Archive (.WAR)

For deploying the .war archive over Tomcat (or other servlet container) it is necessary to have pre-installed:

• Java 1.6 or later
• Java Advanced Imaging
• Tomcat 6.0.16 (or later)
• PostgreSQL 8.0 (or later), Microsoft SQL Server 2005/DE (or later) Oracle 10g/XE (or later) MySQL 5.0  (or later).

Follow these steps::

1. Create an empty database with UTF-8 character set and at least 50Mb of initial free space as described on the notes for each DBMS.
2. Download and uncompress at your home directory.
3. Deploy file hipergate.war using Tomcat Manager.
4. Browse http://server:port/admin/setup.htm for starting the Setup Wizard.

Tasks to be done after setup:

1. Configure /WEB-INF/web.xml.
2. Configure security.

More information about the setup of each database management system:
Setup and configuration on PostgreSQL
Setup and configuration on MySQL
Setup and configuration on Oracle
Setup and configuration on SQL Server

More information about Tomcat:

Recommended way of installing Java, Tomcat, phpPgAdmin and HTTPS on CentOS
PPT Setting up Java 6 on Windows (PowerPoint)
PPT Setting up Tomcat on Windows (PowerPoint)
Recommended way of installing on JBoss
PowerPoint Viewer

Known Issues

• The PostgreSQL JDBC driver that comes wth the build is only suitable for PostgreSQL 8
• The Oracle JDBC driver that comes wth the build is only suitable for Oracle 11g
• El driver de SQL Server que se suministra con la build sólo sirve para SQL Server 2008
• hipergate does not support Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
• hipergate does not support any MySQL version prior to 5.0
• hipergate does not support any Oracle version prior to 9.0
• Java BeanShell 2.0b1 does not work on JBoss. BeanShell is required by the Setup Wizard. Hipergate can run on JBoss if the data model is loaded from a binary dump instead of created with the Setup Wizard.

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