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Customer Management

• 360º customer vision and his relationship with the organization.
• Databases of Customers, Suppliers, Competitors and Partners.
• Multiple addresses for each company or contacto.
• Sales pipeline.
• Telemarketing campaigns automation.
• Bulk loading from Outlook or Windows Address Book.
• Bulk loading from Excel or plain text files.

Workgroup Tools

• Shared agenda and calendars.
• Google Calendar integration.
• Forum with multiple groups.
• Employee directory
• Listing and booking of shared resources

Projects and Incidents Management

• Project hierarchy tree.
• Pending tasks follow up.
• Incidents tracking.
• Weekly and monthly work reports.
• Project costs management.
• Gantt export.

Marketing campaigns

• Actions per campaign.
• Sales objectives by product and region.
• Management of trade fairs and other events

e-Mail Marketing

• E-mail messages templates.
• Bulk mailing to multiple distribution lists.
• Readed mails count.
• Click-through statistics.

Virtual Shop

• Multiple independent catalogs.
• Unlimited categories and products.
• Stock management at several warehouses.
• Orders Management.
• Invocing.

Virtual Disk

• 100% web based virtual disk.
• Security and visibility rules for each user or group.
• Shared links.

Training Management

• Define courses and subjects.
• Student admission workflow.
• Curriculums.
• Absence control.

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