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Services and Support

Service Catalog

Setup Services
Setup Support 500 €
Remote Setup Click'n Run 900 €
Support on demand
Support Packages 550-1.900 €
hipergate Dedicated Hosting from 6.000 €/year

Setup Services

Setup Services Description

With this option you get 30 days of granted e-mail support for the setup of hipergate. The deployment is done by you with our help step by step. Only official hipergate distributions will be supported. Help must be related exclusively to questions about setup and configuration of hipergate.

Price: 500 €

Description of Remote Setup “Click'n Run”

“Click'n Run” gets you a completely installed and operating server without worrying about anything. We connect to your server, install hipergate, configure security, test it, and give it to yu 100% operational.
You get a detailed report of each and every action taken at your server. We also anwser any question about the setup procedure.
This service is only available for Linux servers connected to the Internet with a public fixed IP and SSH service. The instalaltion of the server itself, the database and the servlet container is not covered by the contract.

Price: 900 €

Support on Demand

Description of Support on Demand Service

With this option you get priority contact right with hipergate development team. The requests received from you are kept at our request tracker. You are billed by the time consumed for each incident opened at the tracker. Minimum packages are 10 or 20 hours. Each package lasts for no more than a year.
• Help on maintenance and evolutive extension of hipergate
• Recomendations about tunning and optimizing your system
• Priority technical support
• Private account for incidents tracking

Available support packages  
10 hours  550 €  
20 horas  950 €  
40 hours  1900 €  

How does support on demand works

• With your first contract you will receive a user and password for our web based customer service platform.
• Each time that you make a request a support ticket will be opened for you.
• Before taking any action you will be notified of how much time will be discounted from yur support bag with a minimum of 30 minutes for each request.
• All open issues are constantly monitored by a support expert.
• Support packages expire after a year even if they have not been totally used.

What must be provided by you

• An hipergate setup as clean and isolated as possible.
• A dedicated contact person as our regular liaison. • (Optional) An SSH account for accesing to your system.

Coverage and Exclusions

• The setup process is not covered by the support packages.
• Although KnowGate offers a wide range of support services, the contract only covers official and unmodified versions of hipergate, without any coverage of the operating system, the database or any other application.

Proffesional Services

On-Site Consulting 500 €/day
Online Consulting
Application Design 360-500 €/day
Code auditing and verification 360-500 €/day
Custom Development 360-500 €/day

On-Site consulting

KnowGate consultants may visit you for helping with planning, development and deployment of hipergate.

Design and Auditing of Applications

KnowGate makes software design proposals or audits third party developments.


Description of the Hosting Service

Some partners of hipergate provide added value hosting solutions.
KnowGate manages dedicated hosting for hipergate at several countries.
The basic hosting infrastructure is a single dedicated server for a period of one year, plus Click'n Run and a 20 hours support package.

What do you get

• A dedicated server.
• Firewall
• Setup and maintenance of base software: Linux, Tomcat and PostgreSQL or MySQL
• Security patches and regular minor updates.
• Daily backups

Hosting prices start from 6.000 €/year

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